Website design for all.

Design once. Utilize everywhere.

UI/UX Design

Simple Design That Fits Everywhere.

  • Requirement to architecture design.
  • User friendly UI/UX design.
  • Web application design and development.
  • Performance optimization an enhancement.
  • Database design and development.
  • Maintenance and support.

Justenable provides variety of software development services which includes desktop application, web-based application, embedded device application, web-site design, database management & migration. 

Application Development

Connect The Dots That Makes Rich UI.

  • HTML & CSS based application development.
  • Bootstrap responsiveness integration.
  • Javascript / Jquery implementation.
  • Custom plug-in development.
  • Implementation of media queries for all supported display.

Justenable will play key role to explore the software idea, collect the functional requirement, transform requirement into reality by designing architecture and create test plan and test cases to validate with real-time scenarios.

Fresh Application

Elegant. Impressive. Richness.

  • Fully responsive application for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Implementing security and scalability.
  • Optimization of load time and load balancing.
  • Manual as well as automated testing for production cycle.
  • Verify and validate each and every section with special attention.

Justenable provide services to develop complete solution from concept and application installation in the end user environment.

Our Expertise

HTML5 & CSS based static page development

custom plugin design and development

Bootstrap integration for adding responsive-ness

Database enabled design and development

Python-Django based development

time-series based database management

NodeJS, AngularJS based full-stack development

Re-engineering existing design and development

ReactJS based development

Manual and automation testing

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