Wearables Technology

Technologies for smart health.


Wearable or healthcare electronic devices incorporated into items that can be worn on a body comfortably and easily. These wearable devices are used for tracking and monitoring activity on real time basis. Various type of sensors are used to gather surrounding environment data as well as body data that take the snapshot day to day activity and sync then with mobile device / cloud server. After the invention of smartphones, wearable devices are the next biggest innovation in the world of technology.

Wearable devices were used in the field of military before they were invented in consumer market. In fact, these devices were always became an integral part of the medical and healthcare sector. Devices like wearable cloths, belts used to monitor the health and wellbing of the patients and send information to the cloud server in real time to track the recovery progress

Justenable provide consulting, rapic PoC development, engineering and manufacturing services. Our skill-full leadership team and expertise makes us unique in the filed on connected technology and make us first choice.

  • Smart Watches: A watch that tell more than just time. It provides users notifications on their calls, messages, emails, social media updates, etc.
  • Fitness Tracker: Helps keep a track of heart rate, blood pressure, footstep in real time. Using this information, the devices is able to calculate and report accurate data on calorie burn and exercise done by the user.
  • Sports watches: The wearable devices is especially built for sports personnel who love running, cycling, swimming etc. These devices come with GPS tracker and records information on the user’s pace, heart rate etc.
  • Smart jewellery: A jewellery that showcase more than just glamore. These jewelries notify the users of their text messages, calls or emails when their phone is out of reach.
  • Smart Clothing: The smart electronic devices are incorporated into the Wearable Clothing to give an interesting and fashionable look. Mostly smart clothings are used in medical and entertainment domain.

Wearable Service Offerings.

The Wearable technology aims to influence the fields of health and medicine, fitness, aging, disability, education, transportation, enterprise, finance, gaming, music, etc. The goal is to smoothly enter the daily lives of individuals and become a functional part of them. We have expert and experience team that can work across all stages of wearable adoption to provide a seamless one stop solution.

  • Requirement analysis and exploration.
  • Technology and process consulting.
  • Business challenges and process modelling.
  • Defining the problem statement along with recommendation on solution blueprint.
  • Thought leadership with business-ready use cases.
  • Product and service enhancements.

  • Micro-controller / Micro-processor selection that fits all requirements.
  • Cost effective BOM creation.
  • Schematic & Layout designing.
  • Small form factor design.
  • Perform various testing, SI, temperature, etc.
  • Optimized and scalable firmware design and development.
  • SDK integration.
  • BSP development / integration.
  • Data security algorithm design
  • Memory footprint management.
  • PaaS and SaaS based infrastructure development
  • Secured and reliable data transfer layer
  • User friendly UI/UX design
  • CI/CD integration
  • Fully responsive solution for various screen resolution
  • Multiple cloud integration services to serve cloud-ready IoT solutions
  • Wire-framework design
  • Native platform based application development
  • Cross platform based application development
  • User friendly UI/UX design
  • Database and security integration

Focus Areas.

Justenable has excellent knowledge, deep experience and expert team in various technology in wearable technology. The biggest challenge for the wearable industry is to get a sustainable customer engagement rather than short lived. Our skill-full team work hard on providing quality product, easy to sync with smartphones, excellent battery life, comfortable and fancy design, user friendly UI/UX , are some of the functional reasons which engage the user wear the device.

  • Hardware Platforms: TI, Marvel, NXP, Microchip, Espressif, broadcom, Atmel, Samsung, many more.
  • Firmware development: OS porting, BSP development, Device driver integration, Application development.
  • Interface Protocol: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Thread, SubGhz, LoRa, SigFox, etc.
  • Product Design: CAD Design, 3D-printing, Mechanical integration.
  • Full-stack development: JavaScript, AngularJs, NodeJS, PHP, ReactJs, HTML5, Bootstrap.
  • Database: InfluxDB, PostgresDB,  MongoDB, SqliteDB, MYSQL, Cassandra.
  • Web services: RestFull  Service, OAuth Authentication.
  • Communication Protocol: MQTT, REST API, Socket, RabittMQT, Logstash.

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