Get rid off from manual test. Automate whole infrastructure.

About Customer.

The USA based IoT product manufacturing company. The customer wants to developed automate solution for their product line-up. Every month or two customer have to perform QA cycle for new feature or new product which will provide efficient, quick and actual quality report of his product as well as software.

Product Features.

Designed and developed custom automation framework that supports IoT product and cloud application.

  • Explore infrastructure & performed feasibility analysis based on customer QA requirement.
  • Competel customized solution for automation framework.
  • Generate customer specific QA report and test case reports.
  • CI/CD integration with the existing infrastructure.

Justenable Solutions.

  • Prepared framework architecture based on the requirements.
  • Designed and developed python based automation framework with the help of robot-framework and selenium.
  • Design & developed cutomized report generation feature.
  • Designed and developed XLS, CSV and XML based configuration and test data generation feature.
  • Designed and developed 10+ test suites, 1000+ test cases fully automated.

Services. Skill-set.

  • Embedded Engineering
  • Automation QA Engineering

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