Hardware design at core.

Design. Redesign. Completely new.

Schematic Design

Once Design. Design all time.

  • Requirement understanding and feasibility analysis.
  • Component selection. Power calculation.
  • Major parts creation for schematic design.
  • Schematic design with sectioning.
  • Net-list and BOM generation.
  • Review and Re-verification of design.

Introducing best practice hardware circuit board design flow in next generation growing technology. Technology digitization creates  more robust, more complex, elegant, small solutions. Our standardization meets every aspect of growing technology to provide time-to-market and quality solution.

Layout Design

Place it right with perfection.

  • Create board layout that fits into enclosure.
  • Place component to utilise maximum space.
  • Connect the dots with proper trace to flow required current.
  • Pass signals between layers with the help of via and blind via.
  • It's important to have power and ground layers separate.
  • Finish the design by silk screen and naming tags for each component.

Product will transform into perfect and reliable design if layout phase performed with extreme care and focused time. 

Printed Circuit Board

Elegant. Small. Finished product.

  • Verify every connection of the bare board
  • Assemble all the component with care.
  • Create board bring-up plan and check list
  • Validate power section voltages generated for the board.
  • Verify and validate each and every section with special attention.
  • Temperature and signal integrity test.
  • Generate tested OK report.

Printed circuit board will speak your hard ward and design talent. It’s time to showcase your experience to make it finished and robust design. Every product requires it’s health report to stand into market, we provide QA tested report of all the designs.

Our Expertise

Feasibility analysis and market research

R & D services

MVP design and development

Prototype design and development

Development kit design and development

Mass production service and support

Wearable and small form factor design achievement

Re-engineering design and development

Completely customised design solution

Hardware board verification and validation

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