Manage and Visulize Every IoT Device.

About Customer.

Singapore based product development company work on renewable energy technology. Our customer’s Vision & Mission is to provide new energy management models to the world. We work hand-in-hand with our customer to make their vision into reality.

Product Features.

Designed and developed full-stack cloud application for IoT devices and energy devices data visualization.

  • Full-stack application with front-end, back-end and database management.
  • Data storage, processing and management.
  • Responsive UI/UX design.
  • Various graphical representation for analytics purpose.
  • Simplified and user friendly portal design.

Justenable Solutions.

  • Designed and developed full-stack application architecture.
  • Designed and developed UI/UX wire-framework.
  • Designed and developed custom images and icons.
  • Developed front-end application based on AngularJS.
  • Developed back-end application based on NodeJS.
  • Integrated and managed Postgres as well as InfluxDB database.
  • Provided maintenance and hosting service.

Services. Skill-set.

  • Cloud Engineering
  • QA Engineering

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