Embedded Software with Perfection.

Not just coding. Text with Intelligence.

Software Architecture Design

Idea on paper. Sketch for reality.

  • Requirement understanding and feasibility analysis.
  • Top level & detail level system architecture design.
  • Modular section / sub-section design.
  • System execution flow design.
  • System scalability and optimization analysis.
  • Design review and testing strategy design.

Justenable has in-dept expertise in the area of firmware / middle-ware development. We provide end-to-end support for embedded software development from system level requirement to the complete QA tested software.

Software Development

Logical text transforms into intelligence

  • System environment setup.
  • Basic software skeleton structure design.
  • Develop software build system.
  • Develop step-by-step individual functional block.
  • System integration.
  • Code commenting and documentation.

Justenable has rich experience in developing embedded software with best practice guideline. We always believe in improvements and developing better eco-system. We are tracking minimal defect ration w.r.t. LOC. Our system follows the static as well as dynamic code checking plugins to deliver quality product that we have committed.

System Integration

Connect the dots.

  • Integrate all modules / sub-modules into the system.
  • Build entire software without errors/warnings.
  • Execute system integration plan step-by-step.
  • Verify & validate unit test, functional test, integration test.
  • Perform regression & load testing for system scalablility.
  • Validate memory usage & logic optimization.
  • Documentation.

Developing a program is JUST not enough. Program should work as production level quality. Our services provide source-code, binary files, Read-me, environment document and other necessary documents irrespective of project size or time duration. 

Our Expertise

Feasibility analysis and market exploration

R & D services

SDK design and development

Linux device driver & porting

BSP Development

Library design and development

Firmware / middleware design and development

User space application design and development

Agile methodology system plan design

Cross platform application design and development

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