Cloud engineering at optimum

Not just server. It's centralised core system.

SaaS / PaaS Arch. Design

One software. Software for all.

  • Requirement understanding and feasibility analysis.
  • Platform, language, database, security, protocol selection.
  • System work-flow design
  • UI/UX desgin.
  • Wire-framework design.
  • Review and Re-verification of design.

Cloud computing is much more than just virtualization. It’s really about utilizing technology “as a service” on demand. Users are able to provision cloud computing resources without requiring human interaction, through a web-based self-service portal. Justenable will understand your business requirements and helps you to build your cloud the way your want.

Cloud development

Centralized. Secured. Scalable.

  • Prepare & setup system environment.
  • Develop system skeleton structure.
  • Develop system build system for CI/CD.
  • Develop development and production environment.
  • Develop modular system step-by-step.
  • Commenting, guideline and development documentation and .

Now a days various type of cloud service models are available. Our expert knowledge in cloud computing will help you to build the best and suitable cloud platform for you. We also provide the consulting role to enhance your existing infrastructure, migrating platforms.

Cloud computing

Centralized data. Data on demand.

  • System integration with production environment.
  • 24 X 7 data access support.
  • System as well as data monitoring.
  • Scalable system with real time response.
  • Verify and validate system functionality
  • Regression and load testing .
  • System security and load balancing.

For centralized system flexibility and scalability are key parameters. Justenable has developed easy and effective cloud application deployment process. Our service model and strategic execution path improves business performance. We provide full-stack application / framework design, development, and deployment. 

Our Expertise

Full stack cloud development.

UI/UX design and development.

Platform enhancement and upgrade.

Mico-service based infrastructure development.

Platform migration.

Infrastructure automation.

Application & Databasee migration.

Optimization, bug fixes and maintenance support.

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