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About Customer.

Netherlands based Industrial product designing company. They wants to developed BLE enabled LoRaWAN network product which fulfil industry need by controlling low power devices over a long distance. They are designing new concept into end customer experience products. 

Product Features.

Designed and developed fully functional Proof of Concept. Specific End nodes transmits BLE beacons at regular interval and those packets received and anaylized over few miles away centralized gateway to cloud.

  • Live Tracking of all BLE enabled end-devices.
  • Easy BLE commission process to add end devices into the network.
  • BLE data including GPS location.
  • Data visualisation and control using web application and mobile application.
  • accuracy and robust solution in terms of end device tracking.
  • Achieved complete PoC design with-in time.

Justenable Solutions.

  • Prepared system architecture based on the customer requirements.
  • Developed BLE beacon application based on customer company ID.
  • Developed cluster head firmware that tracks various BLE beacons, process beacons and send it to LoRaWAN gateway.
  • Designed customized LoRa packet based on customer requirements.
  • LoRaWAN gateway collects packet from various cluster heads and forwards to the cloud.
  • Designed and developed cloud full-stack application.
  • Designed and developed android mobile application.

Services. Skill-set.

  • Embedded Engineering
  • Mobile Engineering

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