Battery Management System

Recycle efficiently every-time.

About Customer.

Renewable energy sources and digital technologies are costly as well as infrastructures are not fully controlled. These results in inefficient and unreliable energy management infrastructure. Our customer’s Vision & Mission is to provide new energy management models to the world. That will help to make energy management infrastructure more efficient and reliable as well as reduce drastically cost by making it distributed or decentralized.

Product Features.

Designed and developed idea into prototype. Designed algorithm that supports all type of battery inverters communication. It will track as well as control charging and discharging of battery inverters.

  • Python based GUI application for system configuration, device configuration and data visulization.
  • CAN as well as Modbus communication designed and developed.
  • Implemented algorithm for calculating Voltage and Current with 0.01% accuracy.
  • Integrated 0-5V and 4-20mA analog sensors.
  • accuracy and robust solution in terms of end device performance tracking.
  • Achieved complete PoC design with-in time.

Justenable Solutions.

  • Prepared system architecture based on the customer requirements.
  • Designed GUI application UI/UX wire-framework.
  • Designed and developed real-time CAN communication as per protocol guideline.
  • Designed and developed analog sensor support as well as unit conversion with accuracy.
  • Designed back-up system in-case of main system fails.
  • Designed and developed python based firmware application.
  • Designed and develop end-device emulator for rapid development as well as algorithm testing.

Services. Skill-set.

  • Embedded Engineering

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