Automation Framework.

Technology for smart testing-tool.


Quality Assurance for any product or organization plays crucial role in today’s fast growing and next generation technology world. Any new development or optimization needs to be thoroughly tested and that required dedicated efforts in terms of time-line, man work, documentation, reports generation. To reduce the effort and improve the efficiency now a days Test Automation Framework are an essential part of any successful organization or product automated testing process. Automation framework reduces maintenance cost and testing effort and will provide a higher return on investment (ROI) for QA teams.

Utilizing a framework for automated testing will increase a team’s test speed and efficiency, improve test accuracy, and will reduce test maintenance costs as well as lower risks. They are essential to an efficient automated testing process like, Improved test efficiency, Lower maintenance costs, Minimal manual intervention, Maximum test coverage, Re-usability of code.

Justenable provides various type of framework development as well integration services like, Linear Automation Framework, Modular Based Testing Framework, Library Architecture Testing Framework, Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Testing Framework. We believe to minimize risk is to test as earlier as possible with minimal time frame. Test automation framework provide improvement and optimization time by more than 70% than the traditional manual testing cycle.

Justenable’s extended knowledge and experience enables building test automation framework for hardware board testing, library testing, embedded application testing, mobile application testing, cloud infrastructure testing, end-to-end infrastructure testing.

The biggest advantage of test automation framework is that testing framework is always application independent that is it can be used with any application irrespective of the complications like Technology stack, architecture etc. w.r.t. the application under test. The framework should be scalable and maintainable.

Automation Service Offerings.

Justenable will provide in and out for Test Automation Framework based on your requirement such as programming language used, Type of framework used, Test Base Class (Initializing WebDriver, CI/CD, Time scheduled driven), How to separate Element locators and tests, Utility functions file, Property files, TestNG annotations, How to parameterize tests using Excel/Csv/XML files, How to capture error log/screenshots/trace back, Generating reports(Extent Reports), Emailing reports, Version Control System used and Continues Integration Tool used.

  • Requirement analysis and exploration
  • Technology and process consulting
  • Business process modelling
  • Defining the problem statement along with recommendation on solution blueprint
  • Thought leadership with business-ready use cases
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Development support

  • Embedded Interface
  • Application APIs
  • Application Library 
  • Cloud APIs interface
  • Database interface
  • Monitor / Event generation interface
  • Notification interface
  • Multiple cloud interface
  • Web UI interface
  • Mobile UI interface
  • Mobile API interface
  • Mobile database interface
  • Mobile notification interface
  • Device – to – cloud – to – mobile interface
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Load testing
  • Real time test scenario generation

Focus Areas.

Justenable has excellent knowledge, deep experience and expert team in various technology in digital centralization system. We also provide the technology consulting, rapid proof of concept, MVP and product development services as and when needed. Listed our technology expertise.

  • Industry: Consumer electronics, Health care, IoT, IIoT, Embedded products, Education, Transportation & Travel, Networking, etc.
  • Framework Type: Linear Scripting Framework, Modular Testing Framework ,Data Driven Testing Framework, Keyword Driven Testing Framework, Hybrid Testing Framework, Behavior Driven Development Framework.
  • Test suite/Test case format: Xls, Csv, Xml, Txt.
  • Version Control: GIT, SVN.
  • Report generation: HTML, PDF.
  • Languages: Python, JavaScript. 
  • Framework: Robot framework, pyTest, Appium, selenium, cucumber.

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